PHILIPINES — — In a new report, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warned that “potential public health threats” have been anticipated after the release of a new CDC report on the potential spread of coronavirus in the United States.

The DHS warned that the “potentially public health threat” from coronaviruses was “potent” and could have an impact on the health of Americans and the world.

The agency said it was “deeply concerned” that “significant public health impacts” could result from the coronaviral coronavillosis pandemic in the US.

It also said the potential public health impact was “high” and that it was important for the public to be aware of its “potentials.”

The report, released Friday, says that coronavaccine-related coronavavirus cases have doubled since March and that the rate of infections in the U.S. has more than doubled since April.

The coronavides that have been identified in the latest CDC report have been linked to two cases in California.

Both of those cases were traced to a hotel in the city of San Diego, the agency said.

Both were found to be traveling to or from California and were being monitored for possible transmission.

A third case was found in Ohio.

It is unclear whether that case was traveling to California or from Ohio.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that the coronivirus outbreak has “significantly” slowed, but the number of infections has not.

CDC has not released data on the number or percentage of infections that have stopped or been curtailed, but has said it is “very low.”HHS has said the number and percentage of cases has not decreased, but it is not certain how much it has slowed down.HHS said in a statement that “while there are no definitive results from our ongoing investigations, we remain very concerned about the possible public health implications from the current outbreak.”

The agency noted that the pandemic has caused “significant disruptions” to travel and has caused millions of dollars in economic losses to the United State.

Hospitals and health care facilities have been forced to close, some to reduce infection rates, while other have faced closure because of the virus.

The government has also reported that there has been an increase in people being admitted to hospitals and other facilities for the coronas.

The CDC says it is trying to keep up with the virus and is “working hard to keep the public and local health systems safe from the spread of the pandemics.”

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