How to find an affordable hotel in your area

The travel industry has been hard hit by the recession, but you don’t need to worry.

Here are three great deals on hotel rooms that are sure to keep you occupied.1.

Holiday Inn Express, $350 a night at the Holiday Inn in San Francisco, has the best deals around.

Get $350 back on a night stay at this hotel and save on gas.

The hotel offers a $500 credit on all your credit cards, so if you don.t use your credit card for gas, the hotel is willing to give you a 50% discount.2.

Marriott International, $175 a night on a suite for two in Seattle.

The suite is available for a $75 deposit, which will help cover the $175 credit.3.

Hilton San Francisco offers $300 per night for a one-bedroom suite for three at the hotel.

The room is $250 a night.4.

Hilton Vacation Club, $200 a night for two rooms in Los Angeles, which is the only one of the hotel’s two hotel suites available to non-refundable reservations.5.

The Hacienda at the Hotel Indigo, $190 per night at this Hilton resort.6.

The Four Seasons at the Four Seasons, $195 per night in Atlanta, Georgia.

The resort is also offering $300 in hotel credits to its guests for staying there.7.

Four Seasons Hotels, $250 per night, in Atlanta.8.

Holiday Country Inn, $275 per night per night with a $300 credit.9.

Holiday Suites at the Grand Hyatt, $400 per night.10.

The Mandarin Oriental, $395 per night or $600 for a two-night stay in New York City.11.

Four Star Hotel, $375 per night on two nights at this luxury hotel.12.

The Luxury Inn at the Mandarin Oriental at the Renaissance Hotel in Beijing, China, offers $700 per night to guests with an additional $200 credit for staying at the resort.13.

Holiday Towne Centre, $575 per night of three nights at the Luxury Towne, which has two suites and a rooftop terrace.14.

Fourstar Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers an extra $200 per night and a $100 credit for a stay at a hotel with no reservation.15.

Holiday Resort International, a resort in Miami, offers a three-night package for $600.

The package includes a $400 credit and up to $150 in hotel cash back.16.

The Renaissance Hotel, a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, offers one-night stays for $2,500 a night, including a $200 hotel credit.17.

The Princess Alexandra, a luxury resort in France, offers two nights for $5,000 per night plus $200 in hotel and casino credit.18.

Holiday International, in Chicago, offers three nights for a combined total of $7,500.19.

The Grand Hyas at the Princess Alexandra at the Royal Hotel of Monte Carlo, Monaco, offer three nights per person for $7.95 per night (two nights per room) with a minimum deposit of $750.20.

Four Stars, in the Philippines, offers four nights for three nights, a $2 million deposit, and up, to $50,000 in hotel credit or casino credit in addition to a $1,000 cash back on your first two nights.21.

The Hyatt Regency, a four-star hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers six nights for an additional one million dollars, up to 10,000 hotel credit, and a 15% discount on all other room rentals.22.

The Golden Gate Marriott at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas in Nevada, has two nights per hotel room, including the $1 million credit.23.

The Marriotts in Las Angeles, California, have a three nights in one room and $1.4 million in cashback.24.

The Biltmore Estate at the Ritz Carlton, New York, offers seven nights per one room, with an added $300 to the first $10,000 you deposit, plus a $150 hotel credit and a 20% discount for stays in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.25.

The Palace at The Palms in Las Palmas, California is offering three nights of one room each, with the $500 hotel credit on top of that.26.

The Beverly Hills Hotel and Resorts, in Beverly Hills, California offers three rooms per night from $2.3 million to $5.9 million per night including a 20.7% discount, up from 10% for stays at the other resorts.27.

The Ritz at the Plaza at Caesars Palace in Las Cruces, New Mexico, offers up to six nights of two rooms each.28.

The Plaza Hotel at the Beverly Hills in Los Gatos, California has an additional three nights each, including up to three nights free of charge.

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