Top Online Travel Agencies, Hotels, Hotel St Louis to Get $50 Million from New York City Realty

Hotels and resorts from New England to California and the Caribbean are among the 10 highest-rated properties in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new survey from the real estate site, with the likes of Holiday Inn Express, Hyatt Regency and Marriott Hotels all gaining ground.

The survey finds hotels in the cities of Boston and New York are the top-rated, while luxury travel agencies such as Luxury Travelers and Travelocity are on top.

ZillOW, which is owned by Zillotips parent company Oracle, is the largest real estate market research company in the world, according a spokesman.

Hotels have long been one of the most sought-after properties for investors, and Zillows data shows luxury and other properties are increasingly popular among millennials.

The report, released Monday, tracks nearly 200 properties across the U, Canada and Europe.

Zellow has a track record of measuring the performance of properties, but this is the first time it’s taken a look at hotels.

The data shows that the top five U.K. hotels have a median occupancy rate of 84 percent, the second-highest among the top 10, and the fourth-highest for the top 20 in Europe.

The average hotel occupancy rate in Germany is 69 percent, which ranks as the third-highest in the survey.

For New York, it’s 76 percent.

The top five luxury hotels are at Luxury Hotels in Paris, which has a median room rate of $1,934 per night, followed by Hyatt New York Hotels at $1.8 million, which sits at the No. 2 spot, followed closely by Marriott Hotel and Luxury Resorts in New York at $2.5 million and $2 million, respectively.

The 10 best-rated luxury hotels in New England are all in New Jersey, where the average room rate is $1 of $2 per night.

The highest-ranked hotel in the Boston area is Hyatt Plaza Hotel, at $5.6 million.

The median room in New Orleans is $3,000 per night and is the fifth-highest.

ZILLOW’s Top 10 Luxury Properties: Hotels Luxury St Louis Luxury New York New York Luxury Boston New York Top 10 Hotels by Average Room Rate, Luxury Rate, and Luxurious Rate (2015) Luxury Hotel 1.

Holiday InnExpress 2.

Hyatt Resorts 3.

Marriott Hotles 4.

Hyatts New York 5.

Hydens Hotels 6.

Marriott Resorts 7.

Holiday Condos 8.

Marriott New York 9.

Marriott Westchester 10.

Hy-Vee Luxury 11.

Marriott Southgate 12.

Marriott Wyndham New York 14.

Marriott Grand Hyatt Luxury 15.

Holiday Bowery Luxury 16.

Marriott Hyatt Hotels 17.

Hywel Properties 18.

Hyland Resorts 19.

Marriott Las Vegas 20.

Marriott Villa West Palm Beach 21.

Hyman Properties 22.

Holiday Park Hotel 23.

Holiday Resorts 24.

Hyyde Luxury 25.

Holiday West Palm Avenue Luxury 26.

Holiday Hyatt Properties 27.

Hytown New York 28.

Holiday Hills New York 29.

Hytles New York 30.

Hyden Properties 31.

Hyway Properties 32.

Hyworth Properties 33.

Hygge Properties 34.

Hymans Properties 35.

Hywin Properties 36.

Hilton New York 37.

Hyvels Luxuries 38.

Hytopia Luxury 39.

Hycrest Properties 40.

Hyunewa Luxury 41.

Hyuya Resorts 42.

Hywell Resorts 43.

Hywest Resorts 44.

HyWay Properties 45.

HyWon Properties 46.

Hywestern Luxury 47.

HyWest New York 48.

Hywoods Luxury 49.

Hywood Properties 50.

Hywi Properties 51.

Hylaw Properties 52.

Hywynd Resorts 53.

Impressions Luxury 54.

Impex Luxury 55.

Innis Luxury 56.

Innova Luxury 57.

IHG Properties 58.

IKEA Luxury 59.

Ikeno Luxury 60.

JCPenney Resorts 61.

JCT Luxury 62.

JW Marriott Residences 63.

JWC Properties 64.

Kmart Resorts 65.

Kendall Square Luxury 66.

La Quinta Luxuries 67.

Marriott International 68.

L’Oreal Luxury 69.

L.L. Bean Luxury 70.

Leggings International 71.

LVMH Resorts 72.

Marriott Luxury 73.

Macy’s Resorts 74.

McHenry Resorts 75.

Marriott Hotel International 76.

Marriott Vacation Club 77.

Meijer Properties 78.

Meyerson Luxury 79.

New Balance Luxury 80.

Neiman Marcus Luxury 81. New

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