Korean travel agency gets $2.5M grant from KKR

KKR has received $2 million from KEB to help Korean travel agencies improve their marketing and advertising capabilities, and to support the establishment of new, Korean-language websites and mobile apps in Korea.

The money was awarded by the Korean Chamber of Commerce, which also awarded $250,000 to a local travel agency and $50,000 for a new website and app.KEB has a history of helping Korean travel agents improve their online presence and digital marketing, according to a release from the company.

KEB has been one of the biggest travel companies in the world to promote Korean brands, and has been working with more than 20 Korean travel companies on its own in the past.

Keb has been in Korea for several years and recently launched a mobile app called KEB Travel, which will allow users to book travel packages from Korea to Europe.

The app also allows users to track their trip in real time.KKR also has a relationship with another travel agency called the Korean Travel Agency, which helps Korean travel marketers develop new strategies for marketing their businesses to consumers in the country.

KTB also is the parent company of Korean travel marketing platform Korean Travel Agents.KTB’s app will be launched in late 2018, with the KEB travel agency to follow in 2020.

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