Why the Russians are coming to Canada

The Russians are here.

And they’re here to stay.

Canada’s new national travel agent, the Canadian travel agency Cedar Rapids Mountain Resort, says that the Russian government is interested in the resort’s business.

The Canadian travel agent has a Russian name, but it’s a legitimate name, said CSC’s president, Andrew McBride.

CSC has had Russians on staff since 2001.

McBride said the Russian ambassador was visiting the company in December.

“He wanted to see the place and meet the staff,” McBride told CBC News.

“We had the opportunity to meet with him.

He said he was very happy to see us and was really interested in what we were doing here.”

The Russians wanted a lot of the staff, but they also wanted to be part of the Canadian brand.

McBrides said he’s not sure what the Russians’ deal is, but the company has already begun marketing the resort to Russian tourists.

He’s also heard that the Russians may be coming to other Canadian resorts as well.

The Russian government has said it’s ready to give a $50 million loan to CSC, which could come with a $25 million price tag.

But that’s unlikely to be enough to convince Russians to come.

The company has been on the market for more than a year.

“The Russians will want to get their hands on this property,” said McBride, adding that CSC could get a similar offer from another Russian investor.

“It’s a good thing for them, because they will be able to get a piece of this property and then they can invest in Canada.”

McBride says CSC will be in Canada through April 2019.

The Russians aren’t the only ones who are interested in Canada.

A group of Russian billionaires is also interested in CSC.

That group includes two billionaires from Russia who have been known to invest in the country.

They’re both Russian businessmen, Dmitry Rybolovlev and his brother Alexander Rybolova.

Dmitry Rybolski is a billionaire investor, and Alexander Ryboli has a company called Teneo, which is a private investment firm.

The Ryboloveskis also own a real estate company called MTS.

In 2015, Ryboloviks, Alexander Rybalovs and two other investors bought a $9.8 million parcel of land in downtown Toronto.

The land is worth about $2.5 million.

The group plans to build a hotel, condominiums, office buildings, and residential units there.

In an email to CBC News, Rybolovlev’s spokesperson, Sergei Sokolov, said that Rybolovich’s interest in Csc was “a long-standing investment, which will be further developed.”

The Rybolls have not commented on the purchase.

Csc has also been approached by a Russian billionaire who owns the Russian flag carrier, the Kuznetsov.

The billionaire is said to be interested in building a new ship.

“CSC will provide support for the KU-24 helicopter in the form of training, maintenance and operation,” said a statement from the company.

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