Why are there so many empty buses in Australia?

AUSTRALIA’S empty buses are the result of a long-standing government policy, and the new government wants to change that.

The Federal Government announced last week that the Government would start allowing companies to choose between bus and rail fares.

The government said the move was designed to encourage private transport.

But many people in the community believe this change is being driven by political and business leaders, who are keen to avoid a long and expensive wait for public transport.

The buses are full.

They are running, but it’s not good news for commuters.

“They’ve got to be in the way, or they’re not going to do it,” said Lianne McCutcheon, a local councillor.

Ms McCutcheons mother lives in the CBD, and she says the empty buses have become a common sight.

She said she saw empty buses with her own eyes last week.

“It’s very frustrating,” she said.

Ms McCuettes son has been travelling to and from work for the past four years. “

You know how many buses have been running, you know how much it costs to run them?”

Ms McCuettes son has been travelling to and from work for the past four years.

“We’re not the only ones having this issue,” she added.

The Government said that if businesses chose to stop paying for public transit services, they would pay the cost of the service itself.

The cost would then be shared with the transport industry, the Government said.

The idea is that if they choose not to, they can still be subsidised by private companies to get the bus out of the way.

“If you can’t pay, you’re stuck in the situation where you can only afford to get to work on your own, so we’re trying to get rid of that,” Mr McCutcher said.

A government spokesman said there was no specific policy on the matter.

“The Government has a long history of providing for the wellbeing of Australian citizens by promoting public transport, including public transport through the National Transport Strategy and our transport network,” he said.

He said the Government was also working with the industry on a public transport package, which includes new road tolls.

The spokeswoman said the government was still working with industry and the community to develop the package.

“That will be released in the coming months,” she told ABC Radio National.

“A number of public transport systems across the country have been in place for a number of years and we’re very confident they can deliver the right package for the right time.”

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