When you’re a pet travel agent, your boss may ask you about your travel plans

Pet travel agents may have to answer questions about their travel plans, like whether they plan to visit your local pet park, or whether they’re willing to fly your pet to an exotic location.

Pet travel agency PetFinder has compiled a list of pet travel questions you may be asked in the job interview, and a guide for hiring a pet agency.

Here’s a look at some pet travel question answers: 1.

Can I take my pet to the airport?

A pet travel company that accepts pets as part of its business model must provide a boarding pass, which you can obtain from your travel agency.


Do I need to bring my pet with me?

A lot of pet owners prefer to bring their pets to work, rather than letting them roam free.

But it’s not always that easy.

Most pet travel companies will allow pets to roam free during certain business hours, such as in-person sales, but not during other hours, like travel breaks.

So if you’re interested in getting a dog, you’ll need to check the airline and/or pet travel policies to ensure that your pet isn’t allowed in your bags.


Can a dog or cat go to the zoo?

Many pet travel agencies will allow a dog to accompany you to the park, but this varies by company.

Most large pet travel firms will let a dog travel with you, but some may allow cats to accompany people on flights, or even go with you to other countries.


What happens when I travel on an international flight?

International airlines sometimes require pet travel agents to take your pet onboard and back to the U.S. in the same cabin.

If you have a dog traveling on an overseas flight, you will need to book the dog on a separate reservation for the same flight.


Can pets be brought onto planes?

The same rules apply to pets that travel on planes as they do to people on airplanes.

The rules may differ for pets that are brought on board and off the plane.


How much does it cost to take a pet with you?

A $1,500 pet travel fee for domestic trips is common.

However, a pet-friendly pet travel site called Petsmart.com says that some companies will pay a flat $100 for domestic flights.

You’ll need your own pet to travel with, so check the airport policy to see if this is the case.


What if my pet doesn’t want to be with me anymore?

Petsmart recommends that you take a “staycation” with your pet in order to find out if the dog is really your pet.

The idea is to get to know the dog, and make sure they’re happy and comfortable, while you enjoy the company of your furry friend.

The site says that pet owners should take the following steps before going on a staycation: Be sure your dog understands the rules of your staycation.

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