How the UAE is setting the tone for the world’s first luxury travel destination

Dubai is setting an ambitious goal to be the first destination in the world to have a luxury travel experience.

The UAE government, which is developing a “vision” for the “city of dreams”, wants to establish itself as a “global capital of luxury travel”, and is planning to build an “experience hub” in the UAE’s “hub city” of Dubai, in a bid to attract wealthy investors and to expand the UAE economy.

In an interview with the BBC, Dubai’s Tourism Minister Mohammad al-Naimi said that Dubai was looking to become the “global hub for luxury travel”.

Dubai has already been the world capital for luxury accommodation, hotels, and dining.

It’s currently home to a luxury hotel, the world famous Abu Dhabi Marriott, which was built in 2014.

But Dubai is also a city where there are lots of other options.

The UAE has a number of large, modern hotels and other businesses.

In the UK, there are a number, such as Hilton Hotels and Resorts, and the Abu Dhabi International Airport is home to Emirates International Airport, which offers flights to London Heathrow and Gatwick.

Dubai, which already boasts the world-famous “Golden Temple”, is a “mega-city” of around 2.4 million people, and it is the first large city to have an “exclusivity agreement” with a luxury property company.

In Dubai, the city’s government has partnered with Luxury Travel Agency to create a “luxury experience hub” which will cater for the rich.

Dubay Tourism has already invested $400m in its “experiences hub”, and says that it will be “the leading destination for luxury and premium luxury travel in the Middle East”.

The “hub hub” is set to be named Luxury Dubai, with the idea of creating a “world-class destination for the future”.

The city is also working with the Dubai Economic Zone Authority (DEOA) to “provide an integrated experience hub that will allow residents and tourists to experience Dubai from a first-class luxury hotel to a top-of-the-line luxury lifestyle”.

“We are looking to create an experience hub with a global footprint,” Mr Naimi told the BBC.

“I think that this hub is a unique opportunity for the UAE to become a global hub for the luxury travel industry, and I think this is a great thing for Dubai to do.”

Dubai’s Tourism Ministry says the hub is being designed with “luxurious” in mind.

It says that luxury hotels and restaurants are a key part of the experience.

“We think it is very important for people to be able to experience the city from a luxurious hotel to the finest dining and shopping experience,” Mr Al-Nami said.

“We also want to make sure that we provide an experience that is not only good for the tourist, but good for local people.”

Mr Naimu says the “experiential” aspects of the hub will include the possibility of private lounges for the wealthy.

Dubadah is also building its own luxury hotels.

Luxury hotels in Dubai are privately owned and operated, and operate in a way that maximises the amount of revenue a hotel generates.

However, the government has been trying to introduce more transparency around luxury hotels in the country, and has promised that its “luxure hospitality” will be subject to strict regulations.

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