What’s the deal with T-Mobile?

tucsons travel agency is looking for a buyer, according to a report from Google News.

The company announced earlier this month that it was closing all of its Tucson, Arizona locations, and will focus its resources elsewhere in the country.

The Tucson location in particular was a big part of the company’s success, according the report, which noted that the company had made “unprecedented investments” in its Tucson office.

T-Mo also opened a retail store in the area, according that report, with plans to open two more locations later this year.

The news comes at a time when the travel industry is looking to cut costs, and T-MO is part of a growing number of companies trying to do the same.

TMO has been one of the biggest losers from the industry’s consolidation in recent years.

The company had revenue of $14.7 billion in 2016, down by $4 billion from a year earlier, according a Business Insider analysis.

But the company has seen its stock surge in recent weeks, thanks to a deal with American Express, and it’s been the largest company on the exchange for months.

The deal is worth about $300 million in cash, according CNNMoney, and includes T-mobile’s $20 million buyback of the shares.

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