A trip to the UK is the best way to see the country’s best attractions

Travel agency Boise, which has offices in Dubai, the UK and Dubai, has decided to shut down its Dubai travel agency after a year.

Boise announced the closure of its Dubai branch last month, saying that it had “lost confidence in the UAE and its tourism sector.”

“We have reached the end of our business in the Middle East, but this is an opportunity for us to focus on our home base in Canada,” Boise president and CEO Scott Haines said in a statement on Friday.

“I am very proud of the work that Boise has done in our home country over the last several years and am confident that we can bring the benefits of the global market to the people of Canada.”

According to the company, the move will not affect its other locations.

Bois London office in London and its Vancouver branch in Vancouver have already announced plans to shutter their offices in the coming weeks.

A travel agency that has been in operation for more than 20 years, Bois, started in London in 1992, and has branches in New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

Bois was founded by two British men, Mark Bois and Chris Jones, who are now co-founders of the company.

BoIs offices in New Jersey, Los Vegas, London, Chicago and Dubai have a combined workforce of nearly 5,000 people.

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