What you need to know about the latest travel software from Travelers United

When the travel software market was booming, TravelersUnited offered a way for people to keep track of where they were, and it seemed like a smart bet.

That changed this week when Travelers united to shut down its website and mobile app, which they say is riddled with malware and fraudulent transactions.

The company has been offline since the weekend, and in an email sent to Recode on Tuesday, it confirmed that it’s now closed its website as well.

While the TravelersUSA website is still accessible via a new app, the company said it will not be available for iOS, Android, or Windows 10.

“While our staff has been working to resolve the issues we discovered with our iOS, we are no longer able to offer the same level of service to users of those platforms,” the company wrote.

The outage has left many travelers stranded.

Travelers spokesperson Chris Johnson told Recode that the site is now inoperable for users who want to find out where they are.

He said the company plans to resume offering the travel app on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

This is the second major setback for Travelers in the last week.

The site shut down again in March, and Johnson said the travel agency had to move its entire website to a new site in April because it was unable to get the software installed.

Travelers has been a fixture in the travel industry for years.

The travel app offers travel tips, reviews, and deals on more than 70,000 airlines.

Its mobile app also allows users to find nearby hotels and restaurants.

Travel companies have tried to keep its popularity high with the company’s new app and mobile website, but Johnson said it’s not as easy to get installed in the past.

He acknowledged that the app is more user-friendly than the old site, but said the website was riddled with malicious software.

In a statement to Recoded, Traveler said that its team is working hard to resolve its issues with the site and to bring the app to users who are still unable to access it.

The company did not respond to requests for comment from Recode.

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