What to expect from the annual Miami Beach Travel Awards (MBA) on Feb. 23, 2019

With the annual MBA held each March, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the best and brightest in travel.

And with the Miami Beach Business Alliance (MBAA) being one of the biggest and most well-respected organizations in the area, the BA is pleased to host a “MBA in the Park” to celebrate all things travel in the Miami area.

As part of this year’s celebration, we will host an outdoor celebration of the theme, “Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro” in the beautiful Bayside Gardens.

The event will feature some of the best local travel professionals from the area including our traveling agents, consultants, and consultants working on behalf of our clients.

This event will also include a free mini-tour of Mount Kilimatan.

The MBAA is offering this FREE event on March 23, as part of the annual MBAA Miami Beach Awards.

For more information on the event, please visit our event page here: https://www.mba.org/events/mount-kilimanjaros-summer-summit/2018/miami-beach-business-alliance-mba-miami/events-and-more/event-detail/mount.html?t=204628&event=8273043#events2018The event will be held at the Baysides Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Saturday, March 23 from 10 a.p. to 5 p.p., and will be free.

If you can’t make it to the park, we encourage you to check out the MBAA’s Instagram account to find out when the event will begin and which locations will be open to the public.MBAA CEO John Buehler said that the event is a great way to celebrate our organization and its members, as well as to bring attention to the work we do in our area.

“The BA is dedicated to serving the best of our industry,” Buehlensaid.

“With the launch of the 2018-2019 BA Awards, we are excited to celebrate this event by hosting it as part the BA Miami Beach Award in the Parks.

As we begin to bring our best and best talent together to work on our behalf, the event should be an incredible opportunity for our local communities and travel industry professionals to show off their best work, learn about their clients, and celebrate what we are all about.”

The 2018-19 BA Awards are the only awards recognized by the MBTA and are presented annually by the Association of Travel Agents.

They are voted on by members and industry professionals.

The BA offers the highest-level awards in the industry, including a BCA-certified Certified Travel Agent, the MBCA-Certified Travel Agent of the Year and the MBDA-Certification of Excellence in Travel Agent.

MBAA-certification is a certification that provides the best information and expertise to help clients navigate the travel process.

“It’s a fantastic honor to be recognized by these award-winning companies,” Buhlensaid.

“The 2018-20 BA Awards recognize the top professionals working in the travel industry for their efforts to help their clients achieve their dreams and help their businesses succeed.”

This year’s awards recognize the following local business, travel agency, and consulting companies: American Airlines, Best Western, Best Southwest, Best Hawaiian, Blue Sky, Blue Ridge, Bally’s, Blue Planet, Bluebird, Booking.com, Buffalo Wild Wings, Citrus Cabins, Discover, Delta, Evernote, Expedia, Expensive Travel, ExpressJet, FourPoint, Golden Corral, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Marriott, National Airport, OneStar, Pinnacle Hotels, Primanti Brothers, Qwest, Reelty, Regal, Travelocity, United Airlines, Wholesale Cabins and Wings.

The awards are based on the overall success of each organization in its respective industry and reflect their accomplishments in the following categories: Business, Business Travel, Destination, and Travel.

For more information, please contact Stephanie G. DeSantis at 410-836-7270 or [email protected]

MBTA President and CEO Paul Niehlebran said that this year will be the 10th year the BA will be honored for our commitment to excellence in the business of travel.

“This year marks 10 years of the MBMA’s BA in the Arts award,” Niehl said.

“We are honored to have such a prestigious award from the MBAAA.

This year’s BA Awards reflect the tremendous contributions that our members make to our community, and to the region.

MBBA members make amazing contributions to the economy, and the local businesses we serve, and their dedication to the people and culture of

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