How to book an airplane in Morocco, Canada, France, and Britain

The Globe and Mail has learned that the Moroccan airline Air Morocco has partnered with a British travel agency to book flights in the country.

The deal was announced Friday by the Moroccan government’s Tourism Ministry, who said Air Morocco will partner with a travel agency called Travel + Adventures, which will run international flights between Morocco and Canada and France.

The airline’s first international flight will be to the United States, said a statement from Tourism Minister Adil Ould Slou, who added that the partnership with Travel + Angeles will allow Air Morocco to offer a wider selection of travel options to the UK.

Air Morocco currently operates flights from Morocco to Paris, Paris to Brussels, and Brussels to Geneva, with a maximum daily capacity of 60,000 passengers.

The Moroccan airline operates a number of direct flights to London and Paris, including from Gatwick to London, Gatwick from London to Paris and Paris to London.

Air France, Air Spain and Air Italy also operate flights to the London area, but those services have limited capacity.

The UK government and British Airways are among the partners in the partnership, with the UK’s Department for International Development and the UK government’s Strategic Investment Fund.

Air Arabia, Qatar Airways and Emirates are also participating.

The two partners are hoping to see an increase in the number of flights between the countries.

“Air Morocco is committed to bringing more flights to Europe,” Ould said in the statement.

“The partnership with the Travel + Adventure company will bring more flights, faster and cheaper than ever before.”

Air Morocco already has a presence in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, as well as other European countries such as France and Spain.

Airports around the world are looking to partner with Air Morocco in order to improve the service, and the Moroccan carrier will be the first airline to do so in Europe.

The partnership comes on the heels of a string of new air travel deals between the two countries, including the announcement that Air Morocco plans to add two flights to its service between the U.K. and Morocco in 2019.

The airline said it would also increase the number and duration of flights from the UK to Morocco.

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