What you need to know about the upcoming hiring process for the TSA’s travel agency

A group of former members of the TSA and a group of veterans have joined forces to organize a “firm” to help the agency hire more people to fill its positions, according to a statement from the veterans group.

The effort comes as the agency struggles to hire qualified applicants to fill nearly half of its job openings.

A group of retired military personnel have teamed up to form a “secure hire” program, according the statement.

They will offer to hire anyone who has worked at a TSA job, regardless of previous experience, with a minimum salary of $15,000, according To The Top.

We’ve been working with TSA employees for over 20 years to help them find jobs and to provide them with the skills and experience that they need to get their careers back on track.

“The agency has been slow to hire people for years, and with so many openings across the agency, it is becoming more and more challenging to find qualified people for the new jobs the TSA is opening,” the statement reads.

In addition to hiring new employees, the TSA will offer job seekers advice on the hiring process.

The statement notes that the group of vets and veterans has also launched an online application to help prospective applicants navigate the hiring and promotion process.

The group is asking that veterans apply through their government agency, not the TSA.

The application includes the agency’s current job postings.

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