Travel agency to take on New York City travel agency with a similar name – Bloomberg

Bloomberg Businessweek has learned that the travel agency Brooklyn will launch a similar service in New York.

The New York travel agency, which Brooklin’s founder has said is “unprecedented” in the history of travel, has been offering its travel guides and other online services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida for years.

Brooklyn says the New York service will be a separate brand and will be launched in 2018, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The travel agency has been struggling to attract more travelers to New York in recent years.

Its most recent rankings were in the top 10 of a list of the top 20 largest cities in the U.S. It has a staff of 1,500 people and has struggled to keep up with demand, said one source familiar with Brook’s plans.

In February, Brook announced it would shutter its website in favor of its own app and website.

The company has since taken steps to increase its staff and said it is expanding its operations in New Zealand.

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