Bobby Travel Agency plans to expand its retail operations

Bobby Travel and the Dallas-based travel agency are announcing a strategic expansion plan aimed at expanding its retail business in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

The expansion will include new retail stores in the Fort Worth area and expansion of the Bobby Travel service.

“We’re excited to be expanding our footprint in the region and want to help further the growth of Bobby Travel by opening new locations,” said Tonya Rizzo, president of Bobby travel.

“With more and more people looking to travel, we’re excited about the opportunities to be a part of the growing retail landscape in the Texas Capital Region.

We’re confident that we will find a way to grow the Bobby travel business in our region and we’re committed to continuing to invest in our retail operations to help support our customers.”

Bobby Travel has been a leader in retail in the Houston area for decades.

The company opened two retail locations in the area, one in the Downtown Dallas area and one in a former Sears location in Fort Worth.

It is also one of the largest providers of travel packages in the Greater Houston area.

In addition to the new retail locations, Bobby Travel will also expand its customer service team.

The new team will include representatives from Bobby Travel, the travel agency’s customer service center and the travel business plan.

Bobby Travel plans to have about 10 full-time employees working in its Fort Worth and Dallas locations.

“We’re looking forward to expanding our business to the Dallas area as we continue to build our customer service network,” Rizzos said.

The Bobby Travel expansion is part of Bobby’s broader strategy to build out the travel experience across the region.

“Our goal is to become the #1 travel destination in the entire country by 2020,” Rizos said in a statement.

“This expansion is a big step forward in our expansion strategy.

We’ve already expanded in the South Dallas and the Katy areas and plan to expand in the remaining cities.”

The expansion will allow Bobby Travel to open new locations in areas that are growing rapidly, including the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas-Ft.

Worth International Trade Center.

It will also include the retail expansion in the cities of Plano and Richardson.

The expansion comes as Bobby is also expanding its online presence.

The travel agency announced plans to open a new website,, and plans to add two new online stores to its website.

The website will have an expanded shopping area and new options for online shopping, including shopping from locations across the country.

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