Phoenix travel agency opens office in Fort Wayne

Phoenix, Illinois, a city of more than 4 million people about 60 miles west of Chicago, is gearing up for its second-largest office opening in more than two decades.

The Fort Wayne Travel & Entertainment Group is opening a new office in downtown Fort Wayne, and it is expected to open by the end of next year.

The company, which is based in St. Louis, has been the home of Fort Wayne’s international travel agency for nearly 70 years.

The city also has the world’s largest population of people, with nearly 1 million people in the city.

Fort Wayne Mayor John Fennell said he believes the Fort Wayne office will help the city’s economy grow and boost the local tourism industry.

“Fort Wayne is a very important part of our economy.

It’s the third-largest city in the United States, and I think it will provide us a great opportunity for our region to attract more businesses to the region,” he said.

The announcement came after the city held its first major business fair this month.

The annual trade fair is a chance for local businesses to showcase their wares to visitors.

Fennel said the new Fort Wayne tourism office is part of a larger effort by the city to create a more diverse workforce.

The hotelier said the company’s goal is to bring as many as 5,000 jobs to Fort Wayne by 2020.

It is one of the largest tourism hubs in the U.S., and Fennill said the Fort Young office will support its economic recovery.

“We know we’re in the midst of a housing bubble, and the housing boom will continue to take us into recession.

We’re going to need that workforce,” he told The Associated Press.

Ferenstein’s new Fort-Wayne office will be the third for the company, joining Fort Wayne and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The two cities are home to Fort Knox, the U of M campus in the largest university city in Louisiana.

Ferencstein has had a busy first year for the business, opening restaurants, coffee shops and other retail shops.

Fermann said the companies goal is not to have an all-day hotel or a two-hour hotel, but to have the right size space for people to work, play and have a positive impact on the community.

“The more diverse our workforce is, the more impact that can be had on our communities and the broader economy,” Ferenning said.

He said Fort Wayne also is hoping to attract people to the city with its diversity and economic opportunities.

“Our city is diverse, and we want our people to be diverse,” he added.

The downtown Fort Worth office will open on Monday and Ferenn said he expects it will be able to serve a much larger market than Fort Wayne.

“This is the first step of what I hope is a long-term expansion of Fort Worth,” he explained.

Fort Worth Mayor Mike White said the city expects to see more job opportunities opening in the coming years.

“It is really a great thing for our city, because it brings more of a quality of life for our residents and visitors, and for businesses to come in and fill that void,” he noted.

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