What to know about the travel agency ‘Bidhan’ in India

Anand Sharma, who has been working in India since 2015, is one of the many who is returning to the country for the first time in over two years.

“I want to visit all the major cities and see the country from a different angle,” Sharma told ET.

“My trip to India was one of my favourite experiences and it was a great experience that I can’t wait to do again.”

Sharma, whose first trip was in 2016, started his journey to India in 2017.

He said he felt that the country was ready for him to return.

“India is one the safest countries in the world,” Sharma said.

“It has the highest rates of birth and death in the developed world.

I have a feeling that if I come back and work in India again, I will make more friends there and learn a lot from my experience.”

He added that his first trip to the state of Madhya Pradesh was “quite surreal”.

“I was there for three months and I only saw the local areas.

My first impressions of the place were good, but the next two weeks were a bit too weird for me,” Sharma added.

Sharma, like most of his fellow travellers, has been spending time in India in the past two years, spending his weekends with friends.

Sharma is the first travel agent in India to go back to India after being forced out of the country.

He started working at the travel company Bidhan in 2017 after leaving the United Kingdom.

“Bidhans travel agency is a real success.

It is a very reputable company with a lot of experience,” Sharma tweeted.

“Their staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the country and I really enjoyed working with them,” he added.

He told ET that he was looking forward to returning to India.

“In the next couple of months, I plan to return to the UK for a few days,” Sharma also said.

He has been a resident of the UK since December 2015 and his work experience in India is now almost five years old.

Sharma said that he has been impressed by the hospitality of the people in the country, and that the hospitality is not just for business travellers.

“They really understand our business and our needs,” Sharma explained.

“This is what made the trip work out so well for me.”

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