U.S. travel agency names new CEO and raises new chief executive

Expedia has named CEO of United Travel Agency Robert Zorins as its new CEO, effective immediately.

Zorin will be in charge of the company’s travel business until a permanent CEO can be found.

Zandins will join United as a director and CEO.

United is a travel agent for major airlines including American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, United Continental, Southwest, and Spirit.

Zoranins is a senior vice president at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He will be joined by United’s chief technology officer, Eric Cressey.

Zorins will be replacing Richard Schwalb, who took over as CEO in December.

Schwalbs, who previously led Travelocity, is retiring from his post at the end of the year.

He led Travel+Travel and other major travel companies before joining Expedia in 2015.

Zoranins’ tenure at Expedia began in July 2015 when he was named chief operating officer.

Zareins previously served as vice president of global expansion and human resources for Travelocity.

He has been with Expedia since August 2016.

Expedia is Expedia’s parent company and a division of Travelocity Inc.

Zareins’ appointment comes just two weeks after Expedia announced it would raise the salaries of senior management and take the company public for the first time.

Zarens will join a company with a market capitalization of more than $4 billion that includes American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Zarens is also joining Expansys as vice chairman of the board of directors, joining a board that includes the head of Expedia and several other former executives.

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