How to make a great holiday book cover from travel agency Lincolnne (UK)…

Travel agency Lincolnshire has revealed that it has been granted permission to use the iconic image of British Airways’ British Airways logo in its upcoming book covers.

Lincolnshire has been asked to submit a design for its upcoming travel book cover, which will feature the iconic logo from British Airways.

The company hopes that the new cover will encourage people to buy the book from the agency and use it as a source of inspiration in future book design.

The agency’s book cover for its forthcoming book, A Great Escape, has featured the iconic British Airways British Airways symbol, which was first used in 1959.

It has been the subject of numerous fashion, beauty and travel book covers, with a number of famous designers including Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs using the iconic design in their work.

Liz Harnett, the head of Lincolnshire’s travel agency, said in a statement that the agency was looking to use “the iconic British Airlines British Airways image in our book covers.”

The agency has also commissioned a British Airways-themed book cover to be used for its new book, and it is hoped that the image will encourage other agencies to use it in their book covers as well.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to get this iconic British image in front of people, to help them to make travel book design a much more engaging experience for their customers,” Harneth said.

The firm is also looking to make an all-British travel book for next year.

Librarians are asked to consider the design for their next book cover.

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