How to explore Salkanthay trekking path in India

A trekker has died after a group of trekkers in India died of dehydration.

The group of around 20 trekkers from the Indian state of Maharashtra were on a three-day trek in the Salkaputra region of India, on Saturday when they fell ill.

They all went to the Sankapura Temple of the Goddess of Life, but the group did not make it to the temple before the temple’s entrance was locked down by the authorities, according to a report by Al Jazeera.

The incident happened when the trekkers were crossing over from the other side of the Sake River, and they were heading towards the holy sites of Sankalp and Bhuj, according the report.

After a period of three days, the group reached the Seshat temple, and it was then that the group fell ill, the report said.

The report did not say when the group died, but they were reported to have died of thirst.

Al Jazeera has reached out to the organisers of the trek for comment.

The death of the group of 20 trekbers is not being reported in any official reports, according a statement on the official website of the Bhujan Jyoti Samiti, which organised the trek.

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