How to plan a ‘Travel In CUSCO’ with friends and family

Travelers who like to travel by boat are in for a treat with the opening of a new tour company.

Tourists can now book a “tour” of Cusca in the Bahamas for $99 per person, and then take a “trip” to explore the island nation.

The Bahamas has been dubbed the ‘world’s most magical island’.

According to a press release from the tour company, this is the first tour of CUSC in the world and the first to include the island’s only boat, the Caribbean Dolphin.

The tour company also released a video showcasing the boat’s journey, and it’s amazing how it feels to sit on the boat on a clear day, with its lights on, and watch the sea come in.

In a statement, tour guide and owner Mike Parnes said the tour was a “special experience for all of us, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this new adventure with you.”

Parnes and his wife, Lisa, also plan to travel on another tour of the Bahamas in the future.

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