I’ve got my eyes on Luxury Travel Agency… for now

A luxury travel agency has landed in Australia and is offering flights to the UK and New Zealand, along with luxury accommodation, for just $12,000 a week.

It’s the first time a travel agency in the UK has been allowed to operate outside the confines of the UK’s passport-free travel regime.

For the first three weeks, LuxuryAir will be operating from Melbourne and Sydney, and will be open to anyone from the US, Australia and the UK.

However, if you can’t make it to Australia, the agency has launched a US-only service, where you can book and stay at Luxury Air for $18,000 per week.

It’s a new business model, and one that has attracted a lot of attention from the travel industry, including from Australia’s own government.

The Australian Travel and Tourism Commission, which administers the passport-less travel regime, said it was interested in seeing Luxury’s business model.

“We’re very pleased that Luxury is being allowed to open in Australia,” ACCC spokesperson Jenny Bevan told the ABC.

“We are hopeful that we will see more of this kind of innovative travel from a number of different industries moving forward.”

Ms Bevan said Luxury had been operating in Australia since the early 2000s and had already received a lot more than $1.5 billion in tourism revenue since then.

LuxuryAir’s CEO, Michael O’Neill, said the company had been a pioneer in the travel sector and was looking to build on its success in the US.

“It’s great to be able to offer the same kind of quality, service and experience that we offer in Australia, in a much cheaper way,” Mr O’Neil said.

“If we can do it in the United States and bring the same level of experience to the same customers, it’s really exciting.”‘

We’ve been on the forefront of technology, innovation and sustainability’Luxuries have been around for a long time, but now they’re being allowed in Australia for the first few weeks of 2018.

Australian Travel and Tourist Bureau (ATTB) chief executive Scott Bair said the agency was excited to be part of the Luxuryair deal.

“Luxurious is a world-class travel agency that has built an international brand and brand recognition, which is important for a business that is trying to build a sustainable business,” Mr Bair told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“The luxury travel industry is a great example of the benefits of this model.”

“We’ve known Luxury since 2009 and we’ve been part of their business for years, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this innovative and forward-thinking luxury travel company.”

The Australian Government is also happy with the move.

“Australians have been able to travel to the US and other countries for over two decades, and for Luxury to be allowed to expand their operations in Australia will help create new opportunities for Australians to travel abroad,” Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said.

If you want to book Luxury flights, click here to book your tickets.

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