‘Abandoned’ hotel rooms and rooms on a cruise ship could be returned to Cubas vacation destination

The cruise ship “Sally,” which departed from Havana on June 6, 2017, left Cuba on a mission to explore the Caribbean.

After an eight-day voyage, the cruise ship left Havana on May 17 with only about 4,200 passengers, most of them Cubans.

But the ship had a lot more to explore: The cruise company says it found abandoned hotel rooms on the ship and was able to recover some of them.

A video released on Thursday shows an empty room on the cruise.

The hotel is owned by the cruise company, Havana Luxury.

A tourist on the boat on the Caribbean Sea, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, said on Twitter that he and other passengers had to use a phone to call to confirm that the rooms were there.

“They were empty, we had to check, then we found the rooms,” he said.

“The first time we came back we had about 3,500 rooms, which we had not even checked.”

Another video posted by Juan Carlos shows the hotel rooms.

“It’s a hotel,” he says in the video.

“We don’t have any beds.

There are no beds.”

The video shows that the hotel is not empty.

“There’s a lot of rooms, but we don’t want to sleep in them, because the weather’s cold,” Juan Carlos said.

In another video posted on Twitter, he says he found a room on board the ship.

“I have an empty bed,” he told the crowd.

“Here is a room.”

A hotel room is a hotel room.

A hotel is a luxury hotel, and a luxury is one that’s out of reach for most Cubans, as well as for many Cubans living in Cuba.

It’s a luxury that Cubans in Cuba are not used to.

They say they are used to living in a hotel, but most of the hotels they rent in Havana have been abandoned or are abandoned and are unusable.

It was only last year that the Cuban government started making changes to make the country more livable, but they are still not making many improvements.

In the video posted to Twitter, the hotel was also empty.

The cruise had just left the port of Miami, and people were still living in the hotel, as did the Cuban navy.

The United States and other countries have been offering financial incentives to Cubans to help them get their homes back.

The U.S. offered $10,000 per room to people who could not get a room in the Havana hotel.

It has since changed the offer to $20,000.

In a tweet, a spokeswoman for the U.K. Embassy said the offer was not being renewed and that the embassy would not be sending any more money to help Cubans get their rooms back.

She said that it was important to remember that Cubas people are desperate to return to their country.

“If you have been living in an unsafe situation for too long, the Cuban people are not interested in the offer of assistance,” said Marie-Laurent Le Foll.

“Cubans in the Caribbean are facing dire circumstances and are not ready to leave.”

It’s not clear how many people were in the room at the time of the fire.

The Caribbean Sea is one of the most densely populated seas in the world.

It is a major hub for trade between Cuba and the U and European Union.

It sits along the route from the Caribbean island of Hispaniola to Florida, with more than 100 million people living in total, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Some people in Cuba have also moved to the U, from the mainland of the U., where it’s more difficult to live in relative safety.

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