A travel agency in India offers flights from Bangkok to Bangkok, but its staff doesn’t speak Thai

The Bangkok-Bangkok-India flight has been booked for more than a month, but the company’s Thai staff has not been speaking the language.

That’s because the airline that booked the flights, Avis, has been the target of protests in Thailand in recent months, as well as protests from a Thai community that accuses it of using cheap flights to the Middle East.

Avis’s CEO, Kornai Wong, has come under pressure from the Thai community over his company’s policies, which critics say have hurt Thai citizens.

Avis has also faced criticism from India’s government over the fact that the company doesn’t have the capacity to service all of its clients, a problem that has worsened with the Indian economy continuing to slide.

Thai officials have said Avis’s Thai employees have been unable to communicate with their Indian counterparts, and that there has been a lack of cooperation between the Thai government and Avis to deal with the protests.

A spokesperson for the government said that the airline has offered to work with Avis’ employees to communicate and settle the issue.

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