Why travel agency hiring at the rainbow mountain in California may be up for review

It’s not uncommon for a travel agency to hire travel agents.

But the Rainbow Mountain Resort in northern California has been hiring people for a few months now, and it’s not looking to hire any more.

The resort is looking to cut down on the number of travel agents in the area.

It’s a decision that’s drawing criticism from some of the travel agencies that work at the resort, who are unhappy that the resort is relying on the travel agents for their business.

The resort says it is hiring more agents, but some of them are unhappy with the work.

“I think it’s pretty much an open secret that some of our local travel agents, they’ve got clients that are traveling overseas, they’re really good at it, they don’t have time to travel the world,” said Lauren Kincaid, the president of the Rainbow Hotel & Suites.

“But, you know, sometimes the travel agent needs to be able to come in and get out the same day that the client is.

So they can do that on their own, and that’s what we’re doing, and so that’s the plan.”

The resort has said it is cutting travel agents because of what they say is an increased number of agents in and out of the resort.

It also says it has had to lay off workers to help pay for the travel costs.

But the travel agency is not happy with the resort’s decision.

“I mean, it’s kind of a slap in the face, really, to the whole travel industry,” said one of the workers at the Rainbow.

They say it is a job that’s been part of their lives for years.

It just feels like the resort has gone ahead and made it harder for them.

For some of their travel agents and their families, that decision has been especially tough.

“The travel agency that we’re working with, we were hired by the Rainbow Resort.

So we were there from day one, we’ve worked with them for 20 years,” said the worker.

“And that was it, we didn’t leave.”

The worker said that the travel company had promised them travel insurance and that they would be reimbursed in the future.

He said he feels like he is just being ignored, and he wants the resort to understand that.

And he wants to make sure that the workers that he and his family has worked with are being treated with respect.

“It just feels very wrong, and I think it needs to change,” said Kincawaid.

So, the Rainbow is asking that you please tell the Rainbow hotel that you would like them to consider hiring more travel agents to the Rainbow Mountains resort in northern CA.

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