PHOTOS: First glimpse of the Philippines’ first private island hotel

A few hundred feet from the Philippine capital Manila, a large island hotel sits amid the Philippine coast.

Its name is Pampanga Island, and it’s located in the southern part of the nation.

The resort has two main floors.

The first, the guest house, features a pool, a spa, a sauna, and an outdoor pool.

It was designed by architect J. R. G. Nunez and has a swimming pool and a saunas.

The second, the hotel’s bar, features an outdoor dining room, bar, and bar lounge.

It is the hotel hotel’s main function.

Its name means “one island” in Tagalog, and its island location was chosen to avoid any confusion with a neighbouring island.

The island is part of a larger area of the Philippine archipelago, but it has never been officially recognized by the government, which only recognizes its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

The hotel’s opening came less than a month after the Philippine government officially recognized the islands in the disputed South China Seas as sovereign states.

Its ownership is uncertain, though the Philippines and China claim both islands, which are also known as the Spratly Islands.

The Philippines has disputed the South Chinese islands since it gained them from China in the 1970s.

The Philippines has been struggling to build a modern airport on Pampang Island.

In 2013, a typhoon swept through the region and destroyed a runway, and there were no flights for six months.

In the following months, the Philippine economy was plunged into recession.

The new airport, slated to open in 2021, is estimated to cost up to $15 billion.

The Philippine government has also proposed building a runway for a passenger terminal at the airport, but there is no consensus on whether it should be constructed in the area, the Inquirer reported.

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