How to get away from crowded city buses in India

The city bus system in India has become the most crowded in the world, and passengers are finding ways to circumvent the system and travel by train.

With so many people moving from city to city in the country, the government is looking to expand the bus network to cover even more of the country.

India has one of the most extensive bus systems in the entire world.

There are nearly 1.3 billion people living in the nation, making it one of Asia’s most populous countries.

The system was initially designed to provide a smooth and safe travel experience for the people of India.

India’s system is the most congested in the World, and a majority of passengers are traveling by bus.

The country is notorious for its chaotic traffic, which has been blamed for a string of deaths, including two children who died in 2015 after being dragged from their bus in central Delhi.

The Indian government recently announced a plan to build new bus lanes that will be much smoother and faster, but the country’s roads have yet to be upgraded.

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