How to make the most of the cuba caravans in Colorado

Travel agencies in Colorado are scrambling to find more than 500 of the vehicles used by the so-called “Cuba” travelers in the area.

The vehicles were used by tourists who visited the city of Cubas in the 1950s and 1960s.

Now the cars are being auctioned off for scrap metal.

In an effort to save the cars, Travelers in Coloradans is asking the public for help to collect them.

You can donate the cars to a Cubas Cubas Motorcycle Museum in downtown Denver, or donate them to the National Park Service for the Cubas Museum in Denver.

The first car is being sold on Wednesday.

The second car is set to be auctioned on Friday.

The second car sold for $3,500 to a local art dealer in El Paso.

The third car sold at auction for $5,000.

The auction was organized by Cubas travel agency.

Cubas travels agency has been working to find another 10 vehicles.

The agency says they are still searching for at least three more vehicles.

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