How to travel in Africa without a visa, without getting a US visa…

If you’ve never heard of black travel agencies, you probably shouldn’t.

They’re not on the radar of travel agents, though.

But they’re also not new, either.

In fact, black travel agency Brooklyn Travel is now one of the largest black travel agents in the country.

Black travel agency Black Travel USA, which also has a branch in New York, operates its own branch in Florida, and Black Travel International, which has branches in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Miami. is the official travel agency of the African National Congress, and the company that manages it, BrooklysTravel, is a US-based company that has offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

You can see more of the Brookslyn and BlackTravel offices in the below map.

The BrookslysTravel website also has links to other black travel and travel agencies that cater to tourists, like, which offers a travel recommendation tool for travelers in the US, and TravelMatch, which gives you a ranking of travel agencies for specific dates and cities.

You also can get a quick feel for what to expect if you’re looking for a specific trip by visiting the travel agency’s travel pages.

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